IDE Features In Visual Studio 2010

14 בנובמבר 2008

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Visual Studio 2010 has some cool features for the developers to allow rapid application development and basically allow the developers to be more productive.

Quick Find

This allows you to actually use auto-complete in order to find you method, file, class and etc. It is really great! If you have a method that called "DoSomething", you can search for the capital initials "DS" and it will find it for you, is that cool or what?

Call Hierarchy

We all know the feature "Find all references". We use it to understand who calls a given method, right? So, in vs 2010 there is a new window that shows the call hierarchy within a solution, project or a single file. No more 100 time using the "Find all references" option.

Code Snippets for ASPX

Usually in order to add controls to an ASPX file, you either drag them from the tool-box or you write them yourself. So, in the VS 2010 IDE you will be able to use code snippets, just like in the code behind files, that will allow you to add controls, scripts and etc.

IDE Extensions

In VS 2010 it will be easier to create extensions to the IDE. See my up coming posts for more info on that.

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