The Community is very important to Microsoft

21 במאי 2008

At the press conference, Moshe Lichtman, mentioned that Microsoft sees the community and the educational field as their target and they consider them to be a very important part of the MS vision. You know what, I actually feel exactly that. As a blogger, MS had gave me a lot in return. From the Blogger's meetings, TechEd, the meeting with Steve Ballmer at the Press conference and etc, MS got out of their way to tighten the relationship with the community. Thanks!
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Live from MS R&D Center – Steve Ballmer

I got to hand it to MS, I am really enjoying myself at the R&D Center. I got here at around 8:30 AM, and went to the Press conference, where Steve Ballmer, Danny Yamin and Moshe Lichtman gave a small brief about the future as Microsoft sees it. After that, we were allowed to ask questions. If I could summaries it, I really enjoyed it. For me it was a great experience. This is my first time at a press conference. Steve is a mesmerize person with endless charisma. One thing I had...
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