TeamBuildTypes folder have to be off the project route

27 בינואר 2008

In Team System 2005 there is a limit for the location of the TeamBuildTypes folder. The TeamBuildTypes contains all the build type definitions and once you create your first build, the folder is created and added to the source control under the team project route. You cannot change the location by moving it to a child folder because the build requires that the TeamBuildTypes directory to be a folder of the team project for it to show up in the build type tree view. For me this is a problematic solution, because as for the code itself, I would like to manage versions...
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AssemblyVersion Vs AssemblyFileVersion

24 בינואר 2008

During a nightly build operation I was planning and constructing for a customer, I needed to automatically change the AsseblyVersion. When finished, the customer asked me whether they also need to change the AssemblyFileVersion. So, what is the different between the two? Well the difference lies in their name itself. One is the version of the assembly the other is version of the file, wait, am I making it complex? Ok let me explain. In short, the AsseblyVersion is used by the GAC and  AssemblyFileVersion shows up in Windows Explorer file properties.  My way of looking at it is as follows: The AssemblyVersion...
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Monitoring Remote Computers with the Performance Monitor

21 בינואר 2008

In some cases you would like to monitor how your remote machines perform. Lets say that you developed a web application that was deployed on two machines. Machine A hosts the web application in the IIS machine B will host the SQL Services. Either one of the machine holds vital information regarding the performances for you application, thus it is important to monitor both. So, how do you monitor remote computers using the performance monitor? Basically you first need to allow remote access to the machine and then monitor it. All you need to do...
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WCF – Lab 24

20 בינואר 2008

Here is the lab for the WCF course I gave. In the following lab there are demonstration on how to host two services with HTTP binding and TCP binding. One service should be used by internal clients over TCP while the other should be use by external clients over HTTP. You can download the completed lab here.
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WCF – Lesson 23

Hi, as promised here are the labs for the SOA and WCF course I gave. The following demo I show how to create a client server architecture with WCF, how to work with endpoints, contracts and built-in bindings. You can download the labs from here. Enjoy!
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Guy Kolbis == Team System ???

9 בינואר 2008

If you are looking to be recognized by the community, you should first find a field and then become an expert in that field. From my experience, the field usually picks you rather you pick it. Let me explain it for a minute. We all have a place we work at, and at that place there are demands and fields that we must be familiar with. If you develop a Windows application and you work a lot with WPF, then it might be that this is going to be your field of expertise and so forth. It is possible...
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