Open your calendars – Mr Brent Carlson

27 במאי 2007

Open your calendars and write it down: Mr. Brent Carlson arrives to Israel for one lecture on: "New methodologies and governance in SOA implementation" It is open for everyone (free :))!!! Here are the details: Date:          4/6/07 (that's Monday) Time:         18:00 Location:    Yes planet, teature 8. Please confirm your arrival first at:  
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Renaming UPPER to LOWER bug

Here is a bug I encountered during renaming operation in a database project. I had a procedure named sp_app_GetUser and I tried to rename it to sp_App_GetUser. Notice that the only different is with the capital 'A' at the app. Well, the IDE refused to accept it! It turns out that it does not recognize any change in the name when only changing lower case to upper case. The work around was to rename it to sp_AApp_GetUser and then renames it again to sp_App_GetUser which is what I wanted to begin with.
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DBDude refactoring, not exactly what you expected…

20 במאי 2007

I was trying to understand if renaming stored procedure in the schema of the DBDude is affecting the entire solution. Let me explain it. Let’s say that in you solution you have a data access layer and a database project. The data access layer project references the names of the stored procedures that are defined in the database schema. I expected that renaming the name of a stored procedure using the refactor in the DBDude menu will result in renaming all the references inside the solution. This is not the case. I posted a question in the database professional forum and the...
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There are several keywords that I use frequently when talking about architecture and software development. There are times that I feel that those whom I talk to do not really understand the meaning of those words. So, I decided to post the definitions for those keywords. This is definitely not a complete list, but it is a good starting position. Scalability Scalable computing involves using a computer system or software that can adapt to the need for more powerful computing capabilities. In terms of software, scalability is the ability and flexibility of an application to meet growth requirements of an organization and...
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VSTS Guidance on CodePlex – Updated

14 במאי 2007

Today I got an email from a college blogger Adlai Maschiach. He asked me to write a post about the VSTS Guidance on CodePlex.  SRLTeam has published couple of months ago a post about it, however it was recently updated. Here is a list of all the new entries that have been added to the guidance. The guidance contains useful information about team system related issues. You can find white papers, videos, links and much more. I encourage you all to check it and contribute as possible ;)
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Deploy Database project using Team Build

In one of my projects I had to initiate the deploy operation on my database project during the team build. Here is an article that describes how to just that. An important comment I would like to add is the fact that we need to manually change the .proj file. The link contains information about it, however to further emphasize it, here is the explanation: "The target connection and database are stored in the ProjectName.dbproj.user file, which is user specific and not typically checked in to version control. You require those settings to deploy your database. Therefore, you must modify the ProjectName.dbproj file...
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How to abort a web test on specific request

By default all requests inside a web test will be executed no matter of the results. In other words, if you got 2 requests inside your web test and the first request fails, the web test will continue to the second request and will execute it. Sometimes, we do not want to continue running the following requests upon a failure. To do so, we can choose to code our web test or to create a WebTestRequestPlugIn. Coded web tests are to be avoided as possible and there are only three cases where I would consider using one: Branching - An...
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Code Review Add-In (version 1.0.1) – sources

9 במאי 2007

I published the Code Review Add-In to CodePlex as a new project and to the CodeProject. You can download the sources here. You can read an "HOWTO" and "About" article for the Add-In here. I would love to know if there is some functionality that you would like to add to the Add-In and I would really love for anyone to help me contribute and improve the Add-In.
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