Webload now open source…

Radview, a small company, has just declared that they adopted an open source approach! The software comes in two versions, the standard and the professional. For the professional that is targeted big organizations, you will have to pay :( because the open source is not good enough. The product includes support for HTTP/S, WAP, AJAX, ActiveX, Java, Web services and more. You can find the key features list here. You can download it here. In the following week I will examine the tool and publish my conclusions and recommendations, so stay tune :)
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Script SQL data into insert statements

24 באפריל 2007

On a project that I lead, I had to supply with an installation exe. The project is an ASP.NET with Win Services and SQL2005 as the back-end storage. So, part of the installation is the database. I had two options to create the database in the installation process: Use a *.bak file. Use SQL scripts. The good thing about scripts is the fact that you can automate it within SQL Server; however the automation does not include the data. In order to add data I must write a SQL script with insert statements. Unfortunately, I had a LOT of data to insert,...
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To sealed or not to sealed?

22 באפריל 2007

Sealed is pretty powerful modifier in .Net. However I don't think that everyone understands the true essence of it. I want to emphasize the meaning of the sealed modifier. The sealed modifier can be applied to classes, instance methods and properties. The sealed modifier in a class declaration is used to prevent inheritance of the class: sealed class SealedClass {    public int x;    public int y; } A sealed method overrides a method in a base class, but itself cannot be overridden further in any derived class. The main purpose of a sealed class to take away the inheritance feature from...
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Sandboxed Applications Can’t Elevate Their Own Permissions

Recently I visited Toronto for Beta release of software I designed. As always with Beta versions, we encountered several problems. The One I want to share with you is related to the CAS and Sandboxed applications. We had an executable located in a shared location on the intranet. An application tried executing it from the local computer....and BOWWWW. We got permission exception flying everywhere. So, after reviewing it for a while and googling it, here is what I came up with. I had to use the caspol to grant the executable permissions on the client computer. The problem was that...
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Collecting performance counters from UNIX during VS load test

21 באפריל 2007

This is a question I heard in the last ALM user group, where I talked about Team For Tester:   "Is it possible to read performance counters in a non Microsoft platform, such as UNIX, at the load test level?"   So, here is what we need to know about it. In the current version, in order to collect performance counters from non windows platform such as UNIX, we must write a process that runs in windows and converts the UNIX counters into windows performance counters. The good news however is that on the next release Microsoft will open up the controller (which is in...
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Why the web test browser recorder doesn't capture AJAX calls?

The Browser Recorder resides on the HTTP layer. That means that is should act just like a sniffer, for example the Fiddler. However this is not the case. Fiddler can capture AJAX calls while the recorder cannot. Why? Well, the browser recorder listens for HTTP events raise by IE. The problem is that IE does not raise events for AJAX. The good news is that in the next release of Orcas (the march CTP) there is a fix. Microsoft has added a lower level recorder that intercepts AJAX calls.  
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