Multi-Threading is Hard – Who do you trust?

יום חמישי, יוני 4, 2009

Something has been bothering me for quite some time and I am frankly not entirely sure what to do. I have been working on a multi-threaded server application for over a year and feel that I have a decent grasp on multi-threading. More importantly, I have learned to respect the complexity. So what is bothering me? Over the last few months I have encountered a number of blog posts that propose some solution with code that multi-threaded. The problem – It’s Wrong! Sometimes I send an email to the author, but for the most...
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Blog vs CodeProject, compare and contrast

יום חמישי, אוקטובר 11, 2007

It's been over a year since I started this blog. And I like it. I like the online presence it gives. I am gaining a few new contacts and friends and in general it's a cool thing. After the last blogger's meeting at the local Microsoft offices I was full of motivation. I have written more posts in the last week than the last 3 months. (Only 6, but anyhow) I signed up with Feedburner and I've been tracking stats. Slowly growing... Today I decided to check up on the number of page views of my CodeProject articles. I...
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New blog post series – Sexy or Solid?

יום שלישי, אוקטובר 9, 2007

A few posts ago I mentioned that I want to come up with a theme for a series of blog posts. Here are my thoughts and It's important for me to hear what you think. New technologies are sexy, cool and fun to play with. Despite that, I don't want this blog to be another what's-cool-right-now blog or what's hot off the MS production line. There are many really good blogs out there and I don't think I have anything substantial to contribute in that area. I feel much stronger writing about design principles and code. I'm thinking of starting a series that will...
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To blog or not to blog…

יום רביעי, יולי 4, 2007

Yesterday I attended the last day of the blog conference held this week. There have been numerous posts covering the event so I'm not going to go into what happened there. I do want to share my thoughts related to my writing on this blog however. I have been writing on this blog for about a year and I like to have a place where I can jot down things I believe could be of interest and importance to others. I don't post too often, maybe 2-3 posts a month. Some of the posts have had more than 1000 views, but on average there's a couple of hundred...
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