CodeRush plugin "Navigate to Implementation" – binaries for CodeRush 9.2.4

30 באוגוסט 2009


For convenience, here are the binaries for the Navigate to Implementation CodeRush plugin. It is built against CodeRush 9.2.4. A detailed overview of the functionality of the plugin can be found here. The source code is available on Google Code:


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  1. Alex Shnayder31 באוגוסט 2009 ב 13:43

    Does this plugin work on CodeRush Xpress ?

  2. Kim31 באוגוסט 2009 ב 14:08

    @Alex, I haven't tried it in Xpress. If you try to get it to run I'd be interested in the result.


  3. Alex Shnayder31 באוגוסט 2009 ב 14:56

    At the moment when I have deployed it to this folder:
    C:\Program Files\DevExpress 2009.1\IDETools\System\DXCore\BIN\PLUGINS

    I get no visula indication of the plug in in VS.

    I do see that the DLL was loaded, but nothing beyond that.
    Nothing like the menus screen shots in your blog.

  4. Alex Shnayder31 באוגוסט 2009 ב 23:40

    my mistake, wrong version of DXCore, updated to 9.2.4 but still don't see it.

  5. Kim1 בספטמבר 2009 ב 0:23

    Do the XPress version have "jump" commands? e.g if you right click in the code editor, do you have a "Jump to…" menu item? If you don't, I guess it is not supported.

  6. Alex Shnayder1 בספטמבר 2009 ב 13:15

    No XPress has no jump commands, bummer 🙁
    But is the plugin based on DXCore functionality or specifically on CodeRush plugins which are not in XPress ?

  7. Kim1 בספטמבר 2009 ב 23:28

    To me the lines between DxCore and CodeRush are totally blured. I have never used the XPress version so I might not be of much help.

  8. Craig8 בספטמבר 2009 ב 20:06

    I've been using CR for years but I don't have much experience using plug-ins, so I may be doing something wrong. When I copy your plug-in to my ..IDETools\Community\PlugIns\ folder, then go to the CR Plug-in Manager, I cannot get the CR_NavigationContrib to load. The Assembly Type says "Unknown" and the Load State says "Unloaded" even after I click the "Load Plugin" icon.

    Any help you could provide would be appreciated!

  9. Kim8 בספטמבר 2009 ב 23:27

    Are you using the matching version of CodeRush? (9.2.4)
    I would need some more information about your environment to be of any assistance.

  10. Craig8 בספטמבר 2009 ב 23:55

    Sorry. Yes, I am using version 9.2.4 of CodeRush (not XPress)

  11. Craig9 בספטמבר 2009 ב 20:38

    This is working correctly now. Sorry for the confusion.

  12. mynkow11 בנובמבר 2009 ב 9:45


    I tried building this against 2009.2.6 but still no success. Can you provide working binary for this version of CR?

  13. Danijel Malik12 בנובמבר 2009 ב 14:17


    I found something weird in all versions I've tried so far.
    If you take a look at Plugin-in Manager of CodeRush you'll notice that every plugin has some definitions in the very right window (Category, Item) except CR_NavigationContrib.
    I belive this is the cause why this plugins doesn't work.

    Please correct me if I'm wrong.


  14. Kim12 בנובמבר 2009 ב 16:02

    I just upgraded CodeRush to 9.2.8 and had to rebuild the plugin myself. (This is a real pain)
    Here's what I did to make it run on my system.

    Unload CodeRush and disabled the DxCore from the Tools->Addin manager menu.
    Open the project and delete all CodeRush references from the references no in solution explorer.
    Add the references back.
    Build the project and reload CodeRush.
    If anyone knows of an easier way to do this I really would like to know.

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