A Must Read – Release It!

30 במאי 2009

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I just finished reading Release It by Michael Nygard. The book deals with the topic of having software in production. Over the years I've been on quite a few projects from the requirements phase through development and eventually production. (No, not all of them reached production)

I can't give enough compliments about the book. The writing style is a brilliant mix of development related issues and "war" stories from Michael's own experiences. It covers both anti-patterns and patterns required for successful survival in a production environment.

From the editiorial review:

In Release It!, Michael T. Nygard shows you how to design and
architect your application for the harsh realities it will face.
You'll learn how to design your application for maximum uptime,
performance, and return on investment.

Nitpickers corner: The only issue I found less than optimal was the placement of the sidebars. The sidebars are sometimes located such that I either had to interupt my reading flow to read them, or go back a page later.


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