Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

28 בנובמבר 2008

In the last edition of Visual Studio Magazine, a reader-mail entry stated that he preferred VB.Net over C# because C# is ugly. Without entering that discussion, I find C# pretty at times. That reminded me of a an episode from high school. Our math teacher was ill and none of the regular replacement teachers were available. Instead we got a math professor from a university who stepped on late notice. I don’t remember much, but one thing got burnt into my memory. During that class she stood by the blackboard and scribbled something that at the time looked gibberish...
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Visual Studio Team System – Database Project won’t compile

24 בנובמבר 2008

We use Database Projects to keep multiple versions of our databases in sync (both schema and data). Lately I’ve encountered several annoying build errors. The cause for all of them seemed to be related to the fact that the validation database had gotten out of sync. Partial error message (so that SE can pick it up): Error 7 TSD7031: An object with name already exists in the database project… Solution: Close the database project. If the validation database is still present on the server, delete it. (The name of...

Entity Framework – Some common hurdles

17 בנובמבר 2008

I just read a post “Entity Framework - Disappointment” where a decision was made to ditch the EF because of some deficiencies. I want to emphasize that I know nothing about that specific project and the point of this post is not by any means to “attack” their approach. It is not my intention to pick on that specific post since I’ve seen similar complaints elsewhere. It did catch my attention though. I started with a comment, but it quickly became too long. My first reaction when I read the list was that I wanted to check how difficult...

Testable Data Access With The Repository Pattern

14 בנובמבר 2008

In my last post I explored a little about how we use the Entity Framework. One question that comes up a lot is how do you test your services with the data access layer without hitting the database. Not hitting the database during tests is not only a performance issue. Unless you build and tear down your data on every run you have to make sure the test data is consistent. So how do we do it? The first step is to create an in-memory version of the repository. This implementation will keep data in memory instead of hitting the...

Data Access With The Entity Framework

12 בנובמבר 2008

A lot has been written about L2S and the Entity Framework over the last few weeks since the announcement that the Microsoft Data Team will focus their efforts on the Entity Framework. A lot has also been written about all the deficiencies the Entity Framework has and that it is not ready for prime time. For us the Entity Framework has greatly simplified data access across the board. Data Access code is tedious, repetitive and boring. I don’t want to focus my energy on how to access data. It...

CodeRush v 3.2.1 released

3 בנובמבר 2008

Despite the fact that my blog has been dominated by CodeRush stuff lately, I think this one has been anticipated enough to spend some extra ink… :-) Rory Becker (DxSquad) just announced (5 minutes ago) that CodeRush 3.2.1 has been released. If you are a CodeRush/Refactor! Pro user you can log in to the Client Center and download version 3.2.1.
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