Joost invitations available

26 באפריל 2007

My Joost account is up and working. I've only had it a week or so and not much time to play with it. For those who are unfamiliar with Joost, it's an online TV service with a client component conceptually similar to Media Center. (e.g you browse through channels etc.) I have not found a way to save content and that might be impossible. ??? The video seems to be of varying quality, but it is good enough to watch without getting annoyed.Anyhow, for me the biggest problem is that I can't find anything worth watching. That said, today I...
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Infragistics WPF control suite – follow up

25 באפריל 2007

According to the following post, the pricing of the new WPF controls is 395$. It should come as a nice surprise that the WPF controls are free to existing NetAdvantage subscribers. The press release announcing the WPF controls states the following:"Current subscribers of Infragistics NetAdvantage products, with a valid subscription on the date of the initial release of NetAdvantage for WPF, will receive free keys for NetAdvantage for WPF at no additional cost. This will be a full featured complete WPF product release inclusive of matching product support to the level of the current subscription to which it is attached." You...
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Infragistics WPF control Suite

24 באפריל 2007

I'm impressed, very impressed!Yesterday Infragistics released their WPF control suite. The suite contains: WPF grid. Carousel controls. (See image below) A few editors that are missing from the WPF stock control package. Before I say anything more about these new controls, I just want to share some of my previous experiences with Infragistics. I have worked with Infragistics for a couple of years and have gone through several iterations of their NetAdvantage suite. On one hand their controls allow you do do almost anything, but on the other hand they might seem a little overwhelming. At least once you get a grip on...
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Going convertible…

11 באפריל 2007

It's been a while sine I replaced my Thinkpad with the excellent DELL M90. You can read about that transition here.The DELL rocks, but it has a drawback that the Thinkpad didn't have. It's too big to move around the house. I'm a tech book junkie and spend quite some time reading tech books. Tech books also tend to be like bricks and they are not very comfortable to shlep around with you, let alone a few. Ever tried to take with you Petzold and Prosise for more than a few meters? Well, it's been quite a while since I...
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