The search for the best IDE font

30 בנובמבר 2006

I spend significant parts of my days in front of a computer and then most of that is spent in Visual Studio. The importance of a good font should not be underestimated. When Consolas was leaked a few months ago I switched to that and have used it until a few weeks ago. The problem for me was that the whole ClearType issue caused me eye pain and headaches. I have tried other ClearType fonts as well such as Inconsolata and Bitstream Vera. Some time ago I was working on a computer with a new installation of Visual Studio and I left the...

Office UI Licensing

25 בנובמבר 2006

I don't know what to think. There has been a lot of pissing contests over the years regarding who invented this or that UI, but I was certainly surprised when I heard that the new Office ribbon concept is licensed. That's right. Do you fancy it? Want to use it in your next project? You need to sign a license. No, it doesn't help that you purchased a third party component that implements the UI functionality. If you want to use the ribbon concept, you need to sign a license. Ah, that is, if your product doesn't directly compete with the Office product line....
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