Managing Assembly versions in Visual Studio

4 בספטמבר 2006

In a Visual Studio solution with many projects that are eventually compiled into individual assemblies it's a pain in the a** to manage assembly versions. We don't use Team System yet, so keeping track of and updating assembly versions is mainly a series of manual actions. 1) For each project locate AssemblyInfo.vb/cs. 2) Change the assembly version. 3) Check the file back into source control. That might not sound too bad, but if you have to go through 17 projects then this is not a fun exercise. As for many other developer related problems I found a great solution on CodeProject that...
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Summer summary

The summer isn't officially over yet, but since this blog has been silent for too long here's just a sign of life. After a long month abroad up north I'm more or less back to a normal work schedule. I have a naive hope that the future will bring peace, but I'll settle for the return of the captured soldiers for now. That's why we went in the first place no? OK, I'm not going to turn this into a policitcal blog so that's it regarding my summer vacation in Lebanon. Just a special thanks to Jackie, my boss, who made the landing back...
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