CodeProject article

23 ביולי 2006

I just got an email from CodeProject that my article on "Serialization with .NET 2.0 Generics" has been edited and removed from the "Unedited" category. The edited article is now available here. During the editing process they cleaned some of the VB code that wasn't properly colored by their CSS and the edited version is slightly easier to read. The article was published on May 23, exactly two months ago. Since then it has been viewed 5912 times and rated 18 times. The average rate is now 4.08.
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Microsoft Acquires Sysinternals

18 ביולי 2006

In developing software for the Windows™ platform you more often than not find yourself in the need for tools that let you see what's going on inside the OS. Sysinternals with their Process Explorer, RegMon, FileMon, PsKill and many many more have been on the bleeding edge in providing such tools. I hope that this means that we will get more of their tools integrated in the existing MS toolset and not the demise of what might be the best suite of internals tools out there.
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Microsoft Architecture Journal Issue 8 available for download

12 ביולי 2006

The Microsoft Architecture Journal has been around for a while, but with a new editor since February 2006. The Journal covers a wide spectrum of topics on software architecture. It's worth while reading and both the online and printed versions are free!Once you subscribe you will get a link to a PDF of latest issue to your inbox when it is released. Back issues are also available for download. For those who work in larger shops bulk subscriptions are available as well. The journal is also available in 7 different languages (English, Spanish, Portugese, French, German and three far...
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Workspace Nirvana

5 ביולי 2006

I have always wondered if my work setting is optimal for me. The search is over, I've finally reached Nirvana. Since a picture says more than 1000 words here's a shot of my new desk here at Renaissance. Early this year we moved into new offices. With changes comes an adjustment period. It didn't take me long in this new setting, but writing it up wasn't on the top of the list… Here's my guide for *my* optimal work environment Environmental setting (In order of importance) Chair: Spend significant time picking your chair. Try a lot of chairs and then pick the best...

CodeRush vs ReSharper

I'm a CodeRush user and I wont switch to Resharper any day soon. Nevertheless, it's always interesting to see what competent people from other camps have to say. Here's a post in which a current ReSharper user (Ian Olsen) does a compare and contrast on the two tools. Ian also wrote up his final summary here.
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New BI Blog

Kimberly Tripp just announced Lizs' new blog on "Analysis Services, Integration Services, Reporting Services and BI in general". I'm not much into BI myself, but I'll check out anything KT says is worth reading. For those of you who are unfamiliar with her and do anything with MS Sql Server, you're out! She's been on DotNetRocks a few times and she has an incredible WebCast series on MSDN. Regarding the web casts. I usually run technical web casts at double speed. This was one of the series I sat through in normal speed to keep up. There's some introductory stuff, but...
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