Optimizing the performance of my Thinkpad

23 ביוני 2006

Most of my time I spend on a T43p Thinkpad. It has a 1.8Ghz Pentium M, 1.5GB Ram and a 60 GB 7200 RPM HDD. The OS is WinXP Pro SP2. The software packages I use most are Visual Studio 2005 with CodeRush loaded at startup, Office 2003 and Sql Server 2005 Management studio. Overall this is a good computer, but it isn't as snappy as I would want my main machine to be. Should I get a new one? In my opinion this is not a good time to buy a new notebook. Here's why: Core 2 Duo...
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Infragistics NetAdvantage 2006 Volume 2 RTM is available

Picking a third party GUI framework for your development shop isn't easy. Once you make a choice it's even harder to turn around and pick up something else. For the last year we have been using Infragistics as our main GUI framework. Despite a significant learning curve the Infragistics suite has served us well. Upgrading from version to version has been a single click action as they ship an upgrade utility which will update all references for any given project. The latest version is available for download and the announcement is here.  
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CodeRush v2 released!

18 ביוני 2006

I have really been waiting for this. As I wrote in a previous post, CodeRush is my #1 productivity tool for programming. I have only spent about an hour with the new version, but I'm thrilled. I feel like a kid on Christmas. This new release is so new it's not even available from the download area on the Developer Express download site. In a post on their news server Mark Miller posted two temporary download links so that those who want immediate access to the new releases can access them now! The download link for CodeRush is: http://downloads.devexpress.com/Share/Updates/CodeRushNET-2.0.1.exe and for Refactor...
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Scoble leaves Microsoft

12 ביוני 2006

It's not the first time I've seen announcements that tech blogger Robert Scoble is leaving Microsoft, but this time it seems authentic. Microsoft better get someone in his shoes fast as he has done a great job of making Microsoft look a little softer. Those are big shoes though.Scoble leaves Microsoft:Scoble's announcementBBC NewsCnet News.com
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CodeRush V2 to be released this week

11 ביוני 2006

CodeRush has been my favorite coding companion for the last six months. Whenever I have to write code without it I realize how powerful it this.For those who are not familiar with CodeRush, it's a Visual Studio productivity tool in the same category as ReSharper and Visual Assist X. It comes bundled with Refactor Pro! which is the pro version of the Refactoring tool available for free with Visual Studio 2005.Both ReSharper and Visual Assist X are supposed to be very good, but I needed support for both C# and VB.NET.Late last week a Developer Express employee announced that...
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