Page Hits: Blog post vs CodeProject

31 במאי 2006

I wrote an entry on serialization about a week ago. After two days I saw that only a handful of people accessed the blog post. Since I had spent a few hours writing up that post I felt a little bad that my contribution didn't get exposed. :-)So I decided to post it on CodeProject as well. That was one week ago. Want to take a guess on the number of hits for that article? Just read the following reversed text: derdnuHeviFdnasuohTowTI am in the belief that there's a decent amount of exhibitionism involved in blogging and that made...
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Windows Live down? NO!

For the last two days I've had problems loading my Windows Live page. Initially I thought that it's in Beta so I'll cut them some slack. But when I realized that the service is not down, but only loads in FireFox I admit I had a good laugh. I'm running IE 6.0.2900.2180.xpsp.050301-1521.
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Windows Live bug

29 במאי 2006

For a long time I've wanted an online personal home page where I could keep my favorite links and blogs. It had to be online so I could access it from different computers. Before Google and Windows Live came along with their personalized pages I used to store an html page on my web server. The only downside was that I never got to update it because I had to edit the page and upload it through FTP. I thought about writing something and then Google and Microsoft snapped my idea just as I signed up for my Sql Server database at my web host. Hmm,...
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Excellent SQL Server performance guide

26 במאי 2006

There's a ton of information out there on Sql Server performance tuning. For the small to medium business DBA/developer, life is sometimes tough because you can't justify the purchase of expensive monitoring tools or high profile consultants. If you are responsible for tuning a Sql Server database or just interested in Sql Server performance the following article is a must-read. You can download a MS-Word version as well. It was written by the CAT (Custom Advisory Team) team at Microsoft. I would follow their blog as well for in-depth information on real world usage of Sql Server.
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Fighting Naive coders at Oracle

25 במאי 2006

Oracle's security chief lambastes faulty coding In an article in ComputerWorld Oracle's security chief describes how she tries to educate programmers to write more secure code. I wonder how many companies have formal guidelines for writing secure and high quality code. If you have any good resources to share I'm interested.
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Serializing with .NET 2.0 Generics (C# & VB)

23 במאי 2006

On a project we're working on here at Renaissance we were in the need of serialization en mass. A lot of classes had to be serializable. Following are the requirements, the stages towards a solution and a proposed solution. See a better solution? Please let me know.   Requirements: It must be simple for the application programmer. The serialization output should be xml. Future changes in the serialization code must not involve making changes to client code. Eg. We may have to encrypt the serialized object representation.   Since this was my first date with serialization I naturally went googling to get a feeling...