Tiny Project Booklets – A Freak accident

20 באוגוסט 2006

It  was 6:55AM on Sunday morning (which is a normal work day here in Israel) and in another 35 minutes a meeting of chief developers on one of my projects was about to begin. I was sitting at my office making some last changes to the project booklet (which is basically an extended feature list). Well, That was my first experience with the Office 2007 printing feature. I sent out the project booklet to the printer in several dozen copies.  Half an hour later I went to the printer intending to go the meeting straight after picking up the pages from the...
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Israeli Chamber of infromation System Analysts website "hacked"

9 באוגוסט 2006

So I went to the website of the Israeli Chamber of information System analysts to see what is going on with the yearly convention. I missed the 2005 yearly convention and some very interesting lectures I would have liked to hear. Anyway, the website had gone through a complete redesign and looks very nice. There's even a new "Members only" content area in which members publish their exclusive articles. Whenever I see a login page the first thing that comes to...
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