[MSDNWiki] MSDNWiki RSS# (New RSS feed for MSDNWiki)

24 ביוני 2006

For those of you living in a cave I present - MSDNWiki. Looks nice and very useful. However, Look closer. Look at the MSDNWiki Rss feeds. MSDNWiki has two Rss Feeds: New blocks and New edits. I've got no idea what's the difference between those two feeds. I can guess, but I'm not sure. Also, These RSS feeds are extremely non-informative. All you know is that some guy (who's name you know) made an edit somewhere and you get a link to the relevant MSDNWiki page. That's great in case you have TIME to open 300 MSDN pages each week (and rising), I...
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MSBuild SideKick is out! Get it now!

6 ביוני 2006

If you're using MSBuild you know there're a few annoying caveats when editing XML MSBuild scripts. The biggest one of them all - You're editing XML MSBuild scripts. I like notepad & Visual studio's XML editor like the next guy. But it just wasn't meant for this kind of use. So the guys from Attrice created "MSBuild SideKick" which is  VERY cool & powerful GUI for editing MSBuild Scripts. If you don't already have it - Go download it now!  After that being said, here's some feedback for the creators of this wonderful tool: Create some default "using" file for projects. I've got projects with...
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