SharePoint 2013 Workflows get Suspended (Error 500)

July 7, 2014

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A client asked me to investigate an issue where SharePoint 2013 Workflows get Suspended (Error 500). The workflows were triggered manually or automatically with the same result every time: 2 minutes are they start, they get the “Suspended” status.

When you look at an item’s workflows, you can see this blue icon. Click on it to see the error message:

SharePoint 2013 Workflows get Suspended (Error 500)

Looking through log files did not help much, because the error was not mentioned and there was no correlation ID to go wit it.

We tried installing SP1 (the newer one) and the latest June 2014 CU, but these did not resolve the issue either, so all there was left to do is restart, rebuilt and investigate anything that has something to do with workflows.

Eventually, the solution was surprising: go to the user profile service and do a full synchronization.
That fixed the problem.
That and SP1 and the June CU…

Edit: the issue was not fixed apparently. Workflows stopped working, and I get the error again.


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