Windows 8 and VS2012 run great on my mac – so simple

1 ביולי 2012

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To be honest, in the last year I worked at home mostly on my mac environment especially with Xcode for great applications for iphone/ipad/etc…


On the other hand, I never tried the great “boot camp” tool.

The “boot camp” tool that build inside the OSX allows you to install several OS systems on the same mac computer by using a boot method (that work much more native and fast if we compare it to regular virtual desk solutions)

So what you need:

1.        At least 20 GB free (I tried it with 40G)

2.       A disk burned with ISO for windows 8 preview version ( I tried the 64 version)

3.       Enough RAM memory (I used 8G)



1.       Open “Boot Camp” tool in your mac (under utility->”Boot Camp”)

2.       Make sure that the “Windows Support” is checked and burn it to your USB driver or to CD/DVD

3.       Partition – change it to your need (20G is minimum, I used 40G)

4.       Put your burned ISO install DVD (or usb disk) into the computer , and let the “Boot Camp” tool partition your disk and install the win8.

5.       Wow…this was fast…and after 15 min , the installed finished and I have windows 8 on my mac J

6.       Just don’t forget to install the “windows support” setup on your “new” windows 8.


Now you have 2 boot OS systems, so every time you restart your computer you can decide what OS to launch.

After that I installed also the VS2012…both of them work very well! (the 8G ram do the smoothly job)





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