Working with SharePoint 2010 User Activity NewsFeed

יום שבת, מרץ 26, 2011

I was recently tasked with creating an application that once used will add an entree to the user's activity feed.The activity feed is a fun and social feature (one of many) of SharePoint 2010, and its purpose is to present a feed of actions that the user or his colleagues performed on the site.You can see how the activity feed looks on the following screen shot, taken from my local SharePoint development environment:Now hopefully that got you excited enough to read on ;)We are going to build a simple web part that will add an entree to the user...

Getting SharePoint's user properties in your Silverlight 4 application

יום שישי, אוגוסט 13, 2010

Recently i was tasked with creating a Silverlight LOB application that query SharePoint for it's data.One function of this application has to do with showing the details of a user based on the information found in SharePoint's user profile service, and in this tutorial i will focus on getting this information from SharePoint to Silverlight.In this tutorial we will build a simple application that shows the details of the user from SharePoint's user profile service using SharePoint's Client Object Model. 1) Download the starter project and open it in Visual Studio 2010. 2) Examine the project and you'll see that we have a MainPage.xaml...
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Twitter Trends jQuery web part gets redone in Silverlight

יום שישי, יולי 30, 2010

I've recently stumbled upon this awesome post by Shoban Kumar detailing the creation of a Twitter Trends web part for SharePoint 2010. I really liked the simplicity of the web part, its style and its purpose, so i contacted Shoban asking his approval to post a tutorial on how to create his web part in Silverlight.  Shoban, all the credits for the idea and design goes to you my friend! Here is what the Silverlight counterpart of Shoban's web part looks like: To see how the application will look like, take a look to your right ;) The full tutorial on how to...
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