SharePoint Social Networking project on CodePlex

28 בינואר 2011

Last week i presented a session on the Israeli SharePoint user group about the ribbon control in SharePoint 2010. One of the things i showed in that session was a ribbon tab built for sharing and bookmarking links from the organizational intranet with other users using many providers such as Twitter, Facebook, Google, Reddit and others. The tab generated a lot of excitement in the audience so i decided to make it an open source project on CodePlex and in time add other social networking projects (such as my Twitter web part) to it. As mentioned in the project home page I got the idea for this tab from Zubair Ahmed's blog...

Fun with Silverlight and SharePoint 2010 Ribbon Control – Part 1

16 בינואר 2011

So, my first REAL post of 2011... Let's make it count! A few days ago i started looking into the possibility of integrating Silverlight into the SharePoint 2010 Ribbon control. Naturally i checked my favorite blogs to see if someone has experimented with this already but i couldn't find a single mention of Silverlight and the ribbon working together, so i decided to create a small, fun (and to be honest quite useless) POC of using Silverlight as a control inside the SharePoint 2010 ribbon. The POC is a small Silverlight galley control, which shows the thumbnails of a random image folder on our...
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Wow it's been a while! (156 days to be exact). Sometimes in life (and I’m sure everyone knows this feeling) you get overloaded with work/studies/family/real life stuff and that’s exactly what made me leave blogging for a while. When 2011 came i made 2 promises to myself: 1) Redesign my blog to make it stand out from other blogs. 2) Make it active and useful again. I'm happy to say i think i fulfilled my part for resolution 1 ;) The blog has a new design now and I think it looks better than before, so that leaves resolution 2.. So I’m going to begin...
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