Materials from my JavaScript session

25 באוקטובר 2012

Yesterday i gave the second session of E4D Solutions's new client side development course over at E4D's offices. Last night's session was all about JavaScript, starting from basics such as types and functions and all the way up to advanced topics such as design patterns and dependency injection using require.js. I would like to thank everyone who joined me last night, and even though it wasn't an easy session, i hope you enjoyed it and left the classroom last night armed with new and exciting knowledge about JavaScript. If you like to take another look at my presentation about JavaScript head over...
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Materials from my HTML5 session

18 באוקטובר 2012

Yesterday i had the pleasure of kick starting the new and improved client side development course over at E4D Solutions with my session about HTML5. The course was built from the ground up to cover all the important aspects of client side development now days including topics such as HTML5 fundamentals, JavaScript code structuring, Developing SPA applications using KnockoutJS/Backbone.js and AngularJS and even a touch of ASP.NET Web API and real time communication using SignalR. I would like to thank everyone who participated at my session last night, you were awesome and i truly hope you are already exploring what we discussed during the...
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My book is published!

5 ביולי 2012

You might have noticed that i havent updated my blog in a while. There are two (happy) reasons for that: 1) My son was born about two weeks ago and as you might have guessed, things are hectic (but happy) :) 2) The book i've been working on for the last 9 months for Packt Publishing is finally released! Since im sure you are not here to hear about my new born son, let's talk about the book :) A few months ago i was approached by Packt Publishing to check if a preperation guide for the Silverlight 4 MCTS exam can be...

Integrating a custom processor in FAST pipeline – part 1 of 2

3 ביוני 2012

FAST for SharePoint 2010 allows us to integrate our own custom processor into the search engine's processing pipeline. While attempting to modify the default processing pipeline may sound like an hazardous task, its actually not that bad. In part 1 of the series we will set the stage for our custom processor by creating a BCS connector, set the managed properties and add a refiner to the refinement panel.For the purpose of this article, we'll use BCS as a connector for a database with the following columns:There is nothing special about the ProductID, ProductName or ProductDescription columns. These are just your regular run of the mill...

SharePoint Repository for NuGet is alive!

22 באפריל 2012

I'm happy to announce that my new open source project, created together with Eyal Vardi, SharePoint Repository for NuGet, is now live on Codeplex! SPRNuGet is a powerful integration between NuGet, the renowned .net package management system and Microsoft SharePoint 2010. SPRNuGet combines SharePoint 2010 powerful features such as security, publishing and UI to help you organize your code packages using build-in features of SharePoint such as folders, item level forms, ratings and enterprise keywords. SPRNuGet is a site-collection level feature and once installed a new folder will be created to hold the NuGet packages. When a package is uploaded and successfully...
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Fast Tips for FAST for SharePoint #2

23 בדצמבר 2011

When trying to query for a document that has a question mark (?) in its name or address as part of a FQL query, you may notice weird behavior from FAST. For example, let's send a query that look for a document with the URL address of http://localhost/blogs.aspx?blogid=5: string fqlQuery=@"and(path:(string(""http://localhost/blogs.aspx?blogid=5"", Mode=""PHRASE"")), filter(sitename:equals(""Local SharePoint"")))";Sending the query as is, will cause FAST to automatically evaluate the question mark as a wildcard character that will match any single character. Since this is not our desired result, we need to tell FAST not to use wildcards in our specific string. This can be done easily using...

Working with FAST Search For SharePoint 2010 Document Promotions Programmatically

22 בדצמבר 2011

As much as I love working with the FAST for SharePoint 2010 search engine, finding documentation for it online is quite a challenging task. This is why I'm going to try and document as much as possible about the little 'gems' I find while working with FAST. Using FAST for SharePoint you can define documents to be promoted within the search results list, indicating that they are highly relevant results for a particular keyword or its synonyms. The promoted documents will appear at the top of the search result list. While this feature works great when using OOTB Core Search Results...

Fast Tips for FAST for SharePoint #1

16 באוגוסט 2011

It sure been a while, but nothing spells busy like work and university ;) In the next couple of short articles I’m going to give some fast tips (pun intended) for developing with the FAST search engine for SharePoint 2010. My first tip deals with setting Managed Metadata Properties for FAST without the use of PowerShell. 1) Start by going to your central admin->Manage service applications. 2) Click on your FAST Query SSA service: 3) Click on FAST search administration. 4) Click on Managed Properties. 5) Play with the properties as you wish :)

Working with SharePoint 2010 User Activity NewsFeed

26 במרץ 2011

I was recently tasked with creating an application that once used will add an entree to the user's activity feed.The activity feed is a fun and social feature (one of many) of SharePoint 2010, and its purpose is to present a feed of actions that the user or his colleagues performed on the site.You can see how the activity feed looks on the following screen shot, taken from my local SharePoint development environment:Now hopefully that got you excited enough to read on ;)We are going to build a simple web part that will add an entree to the user...