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August 6, 2009

This post was suppose to be part of the Validating WCAG 2.0 post. But due to the length of the combined post, I decided to split them.


SortSite by Electrum is a complete testing tool for web sites. It isn’t free, but it isn’t very expansive either – the standard version  cost 149$ (complete price list).

It stands alone, and doesn’t require Internet access (there’re couple of information frames that pools data from the web site, besides those, everything will work).

The application checks many things:

  • Accessibility
  • Browser Compatibility
  • Broken Links and Errors
  • Web Standards
  • Search Optimization (Pro edition only)
  • Legal Compliance (Pro edition only)
  • User Experience (Pro edition only)

The interface is very simple, and it looks just like a browser. Just type in the address of the page you wish to check, and hit the “Check” button.

SortSite Interface

Each page in the application includes clear explanations of how to achieve the basic functionality of that page.

As an example, here is the “Rule Settings” page (click to enlarge):

Rule Settings page


In the “Choose Rules” dialog, you can select which rules and guidelines to check:

Choose rules dialog

The accessibility section offers checks for WCAG 1, WCAG 2, and Section 508. You can select which level you wish to support, and check to that level.

You can assemble a list of check you wish to run and export it. Later on, you can import it back to run that set of tests again. This can be very useful, if you want different set of checks for different development phases. The import/export is done using the links on the bottom of the dialog.

Check results

The result page will show you a summary of all the checks conducted on the page.

Result Page

Drilling down to the accessibility report, will show the accessibility check report.

On the top of the page there’s an accessibility status summary table, showing you how the site stands on each level and version checked.

Accessibility results

Each error, offers a link to the guideline it self, from the WCAG guidelines pages. Clicking the link will open the page inside the application, which makes it easy to quickly check the description of that error.

Clicking the errors on the left, will show you the pages on which the error was found.

Single error line

Each page has a separate report; clicking the link, will navigate to the single page’s report, showing the error it self, the line number on which the error exists, piece of the HTML code, and a fix suggestion.

Error description


Over all this is a very good tool for checking many aspects of your web site.

Although it isn’t free, I think it worth its price. You can use it for 30 days, using the trial version, before you decide.

But if you need to check many sites, conducting the same tests over and over, I think it will defiantly save you some time.

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