Passing Windows Phone Certification and Staying Alive

31 באוקטובר 2011

AKA: What are Windows Phone 7 certification rules and how not to break them

The rules. Usually they look like this.

It's just so heart breaking. You've worked tirelessly on your new app, to you it's perfect, more than perfect, it’s the consummation of all your goals in life!
But alas a few days after you've uploaded it to the
App Hub, you find an update in your notifications panel.. You didn't pass certification.

More or less, it's Microsoft's polite way of saying "It's not me it's you". And the best way to avoid this heartache is to know what "It" means.

Basically "It" is a not-so-long set of application guidelines (rules) set by Microsoft that your Windows Phone 7 applications must answer to in order to be incorporated in the Marketplace.

The reasons for these rules are the following:
1) User Experience.
2) User Experience.
3) User Experience.
4) … you get the point …

The whole idea behind the making of the new Windows Phone 7 platform was to create a mobile platform for people, this means one thing: give the user the best experience possible, and maintain it throughout the platform.
What this means is that the only way to maintain the same great experience on every little thing you do on the device, is to make sure third party apps like the ones you and I develop, abide to the same user experience (UX) guidelines, hence the certification rules.

But like a lot of things, what makes a great experience for the user, can sometimes end up making a great pain in the #@&! for the developer. And not knowing the rules or how to abide them beforehand can cause you disappointment on a good day, or make you re-write big chunks of your code on a bad one. 

In my next few posts I will go over some of the key rules developers usually stumble over, and what are good practices for writing code that follows them.

And until next time don’t forget:
Rules might have been made to be broken, but the same can also be said about bones.


Tip #1: Correctly Working With Media

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