Passing Windows Phone Certification and Staying Alive

31 באוקטובר 2011

AKA: What are Windows Phone 7 certification rules and how not to break them   It's just so heart breaking. You've worked tirelessly on your new app, to you it's perfect, more than perfect, it’s the consummation of all your goals in life! But alas a few days after you've uploaded it to the App Hub, you find an update in your notifications panel.. You didn't pass...

Microsoft Announcing: Idea of the Week for Students

26 באוקטובר 2011

Student? Feeling creative? Microsoft is looking For You! This week we are launching a new promotion for students called “Idea of the Week”.  The purpose is to encourage students to start experimenting with our developer tools and to begin taking action on their app ideas.  We will select one winner per week and will award a $50 gift card to     How Students Enter   Students must be registered for Dreamspark.  Then they create a Sketchflow* prototype of their app idea, post it online, and tweet the URL using the hashtag “#WPAppItUp“   Each week, we will select one winner of the $50 gift card and will judge all entries based on:   •Innovation (40%): How innovative...
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