Just Released – Visual Basic QuickStarts and How-to Topics for PrismV2 (Composite Application Guidance for WPF and Silverlight)

31 במרץ 2009

The Microsoft Patterns and Practices group just Released a set of Quick Starts and How-To documents for using Prism in Visual Basic - Visual Basic QuickStarts and How-to Topics for PrismV2 (Composite Application Guidance for WPF and Silverlight) This release is provided to help Visual Basic developers use the Composite Application Library. The release includes QuickStarts, the Composite Application Library (only provided in C#), and documentation. The documentation includes: ...

Giving Presentations – From 1 Hour Down to 2 Minutes

19 במרץ 2009

As someone who has been been on the developer conference speaking circuit for over 10 years, the standard session time of an hour and a quarter (75 minutes), including time for Q&A, is pretty much ingrained in me.  Even VSLive conferences, who for many years held on to their 60-minute session format, switched over to the 75-minute format a few years ago. So imagine the “change” when I had only 2-3 minutes to pitch my company at the Internet and Mobile Boot Camp this week.  This short talk was different from most things that I have...
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Renaissance to Sponsor Internet & Mobile Boot Camp

12 במרץ 2009

My company, Renaissance Computer Systems, just posted a press release announcing that we are sponsoring a special event for startup companies next week – the Internet & Mobile Boot Camp , being run by Boot Camp Ventures on March 16th 2009, in Tel Aviv. At the Internet & Mobile Boot Camp, a select number of innovative Israeli Internet and Mobile Com­panies will present in a dynamic and intense format before an exclusive audience of sea­soned investors from the US, Israel and Europe. It is encouraging to see this type of activity, despite the current...
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Free Scott Guthrie ASP.NET MVC chapter download

If you want an amazing hands-on look at the new ASP.NET MVC framework, you must download this free 184-page book chapter Scott's NerdDinner.com chapter. This chapter is written is Scott’s usual clear and graphic style – lots of screen shots and clear, organized explanations. Cross Posted from http://weblogs.asp.net/jackieg/
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