Notes on TechEd Israel 2008

18 באפריל 2008

Last week was the (now) semi-annual TechEd Israel conference.  This was my sixth time participating in this event - I have given presentations at all six TechEds here.  The conference is an amazing experience and has come a long way from 2000/2001 when we had to lobby Microsoft Israel to put on such an event.  There were about 3,500 participants - about half the amount of TechEd EMEA for all of Europe! The attendees enjoyed most of the sessions/speakers and the speakers enjoyed the interactions and challenges of the attendees. A particularly interesting observation for me was when I asked the...
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Observations from VSLive! San Francisco 2008

14 באפריל 2008

I recently (OK, 10 days ago) returned from my annual pilgrimage to San Francisco, to speak at the main VSLive conference.  My presentations this year are described here. I'd like to share with you two observations / surprises from this conference: (1) It is well known that I am a pretty big fan of DataSets - but I realize that it is not necessarily the most popular position to take.  At VSLive, I gave 2 sessions on DataSets (Intermediate and Advanced).  Image my surprise (if not shock and horror) when I realized that there were at least 2 or 3 other...
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April 2008 Meeting of Israel Visual Basic User Group (IVBUG)

2 באפריל 2008

Note the special date of April’s meeting and the special registration requirements.                                                              This month’s meeting will be a joint meeting for IVBUG, IVCUG, and .NET Architects User Groups, so that we can all take advantage of a special guest speaker – Matthew Winkler from Microosft Corp (Remond).  Matt is a Workflow Foundation expert and will be sharing his expertise with these 2 sessions: WF+WCF IntegrationWCF and WF are like two siblings separated at birth.  They are two powerful technologies, but until .NET 3.5, did not know about one another.  We’ll talk about how and why these two technologies have...

One More Time – Awarded Microsoft MVP for Another Year

Well, spring is in the air, which for me means, among other things the renewal time for my Microsoft MVP award.  I am proud to say that once again this year I have proven to be worthy of the award - thanks Microsoft ! Unfortunately, I won't be able to attend the MVP Summit in Redmond later this month :-( But at least I had the chance to talk with some of the VB PMs at the VSLive Conference this week.
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Connecting to Microsoft SQL Server 2008 from Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 and 2008

My article on this topic just went live on MSDN at Since both VS 2005 and VS 2008 were released before SQL Server 2008, most of the designers and tools don't work with SQL 2008.  To address this, MS has released CTP updates and will be releasing final versions of these updates in the future. This article discusses the various issues and summarizes what featues will be made available in the various releases and where to download he current CTP updates.
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