Presenting at SharePoint User Group Tomorrow

27 במאי 2012

תזכורת: מחר (28/05/2012) בשעה 17:30 יתקיים מפגש של SharePoint User Group. אני אעביר הרצאה על Claims Based Authentication in SharePoint 2010. המפגש אינו כרוך בתשלום, אך מצריך הרשמה מראש בקישור: הערה: למי שהיה בהרצאה שלי בכנס SharePoint Extreme האחרון, מדובר על אותה הרצאה.
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15 במאי 2012

MOSS 2007 had a feature called Business Data Catalog. When SharePoint 2010 came out, this feature was introduced as Business Connectivity Services. The common belief is that BCS is the new version of BDC, and that in the new version the name was changed from BDC to BCS. According to this, there is no reason to use the term BDC in the context of SharePoint 2010. This is not exactly correct. BDC was and still the infrastructure that allows SharePoint to connect to other systems. It has the concept of metadata...
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