Xml Serialize Interface Typed Members

30 באפריל 2012

If you try to serialize a class that has a public member of an interface type to xml file using the regular .net XmlSerializer, you will get an error: “Cannot serialize member {m} of type {t} because it is an interface.” ({m} and {t} are placeholders). In this post I suggest a workaround to this issue. Consider the following scenario: You have an object model like this: 1: public class Car 2: { ...
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Enterprise Wiki site template vs. Wiki Library template

15 באפריל 2012

We all know wikis and how they work. It's a quick way to create inter-connected items of unstructured data. SharePoint 2010 Introduces two wiki solutions that appear similar on first sight, but are actually different. In this post I will cover technical differences between the two. First is the "Enterprise Wiki" site template. It's a template that can be used to create site collections, or sub-sites. The Enterprise Wiki site template creates a site that is dedicated to wiki content. The main component in the site is the "Pages" Library. We will explorer it later....
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