Getting Query String Parameters with JavaScript in SharePoint

30 בנובמבר 2008

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The JSRequest class is a JavaScript object that lives on all SharePoint Pages, and allows us to simply and quickly get query string parameters using JavaScript.

It has 3 fields: QueryString, FileName, and PathName.

  • QueryString – is an array of key\value pairs representing the current query string parameters.
  • FileName – is a string containing the current name of the current page.
  • PathName – is the server relative path of the current page.


//First we must call the EnsureSetup method

//Get a query string parameter called ItemId. i.e - "page.aspx?ItemId=11" will return 11
itemId = JSRequest.QueryString["ItemId"];

//Get the current page name. i.e - "default.aspx"
itemId = JSRequest.FileName;

//Get the current path name. i.e - "/itaysk/doclib/default.aspx"
itemId = JSRequest.PathName;

I have found no proper documentation for this so I hope it can help.


— My name is Itay Shakury (itaysk) and I am a SharePoint consultant —

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  1. Arnold Smith24 בנובמבר 2010 ב 18:54


    Thanks for publishing this! I've been scratching my head for a couple of days over this.


  2. Doumon Kasshu18 ביולי 2012 ב 20:53

    Great post!

    So, do you know how you would go about doing this if you wanted to get the query string parameters if you were on the homepage and wanted to get the query string parameters for a document library's upload document (upload.aspx) page?

    I am speaking of the query string parameters that come up when you click the "upload multiple files" hyperlink after initially clicking upload document in the ribbon, in the document library.

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