Getting Query String Parameters with JavaScript in SharePoint

30 בנובמבר 2008

The JSRequest class is a JavaScript object that lives on all SharePoint Pages, and allows us to simply and quickly get query string parameters using JavaScript. It has 3 fields: QueryString, FileName, and PathName. QueryString - is an array of key\value pairs representing the current query string parameters. FileName - is a string containing the current name of the current page. PathName - is the server relative path of the current page. Usage: //First we must call the EnsureSetup method JSRequest.EnsureSetup(); //Get a query string parameter called ItemId. i.e - "page.aspx?ItemId=11" will return 11 itemId = JSRequest.QueryString; //Get the...
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SharePoint Designer \ Data Form Web Part context menu bug – Part 3

18 בנובמבר 2008

This is an update and closing post for the SharePoint Designer \ Data Form Web Part context menu bug. First post introduced the bug and suggested a fix: Second post showed a way to permanently fix the problem: This post just let you know that recently Microsoft released a hotfix (KB 958692) for this bug. The hotfix simply automates the steps detailed in my previous posts.   By the way... Can you spot the difference?   -- My name is Itay Shakury (itaysk) and I am a SharePoint consultant. --
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Off to a new start

17 בנובמבר 2008

אני לא יודע איך, אבל התוכן המקורי של מה שהיה פה נמחק ואין לי כוח לשחזר אותו.. מה שהיה כתוב כאן זה 2 דברים בעיקר: 1. עזבתי את אדוונטק והצטרפתי לקבוצת SRL 2. הבלוג קיבל כתובת חדשה
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