Getting current events from a Calendar list

25 ביולי 2008

You have a calendar list. You want to query it for events that happen right now. Not today, not this week, right this moment. Yes, including reoccurring events. I really thought it would be easier, or at least hoped to find a working example somewhere... Anyway, here is the CAML that I ended up with: <Where> <And> <DateRangesOverlap> <FieldRef Name="EventDate" /> ...
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SharePoint Designer \ Data Form Web Part apostrophe bug

Problem:You try to use a Data Form Web Part (Data View Web Part) to display a document library in an XSLT view. You find out that documents that include an apostrophe character (') in their file name, cannot be opened or viewed. (There might be other problematic characters beside apostrophe, I haven't checked that) Steps to reproduce: Create a document library. Add some files with apostrophe in their name to the library.  Click on one of those items. The file opens as expected. Open SharePoint Designer 2007, and browse to the document library. Open the page you...
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Using rad Editor for MOSS Lite in Publishing Pages (WCM)

17 ביולי 2008

Update: After writing this, I found out that there are detailed instructions for this in the official documentation that you can download from telerik's site. HOWEVER, I haven't found anything online when I searched for the first time, so I decided to publish it even so. I have written before about rad Editor for MOSS, and how great it is. When you install it, you can add the new rad Editor Web Parts instead of the usual Content Editor Web Parts, and also replace the default content editing control for list items, with rad's control. What you can't do,...
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Infrastructure Update for Microsoft Office Servers

16 ביולי 2008

A new update is available for your SharePoint farm!The updates mainly applies to tow of MOSS's features: Search, and Content Deployment. (The Infrastructure Update has more to offer for other Office products, but for us SharePoint guys those I listed are the relevant ones.) Search Earlier this year Microsoft has released a new product called Microsoft Search Server 2008. This product was the successor of MOSS for Search and provided with an extensive search solution for the enterprise. Based on MOSS 2007, MSS 2008 featured some improvements that was promised to arrive for MOSS also, in the second half...
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SharePoint Designer \ Data Form Web Part context menu bug – Part 2

11 ביולי 2008

Update: There a hotfix that automates this fix: In one of my last posts I wrote about a bug that we found in SharePoint Designer's 2007 Data Form Web Part (DFWP), and how to fix it. (Look at the original post for a detailed description of the bug) Microsoft Support guys has read that post and provided an additional tip for permanently fixing that bug. They have also confirmed my solution is correct.Tough the fix that I suggested works great on existing DFWPs, here is how to prevent it from happening again: Go to the folder where SharePoint Designer 2007...
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