Profile Pictures Library

28 במאי 2008

I have created a deployment project for Steven Van de Craen's solution for managing user profile pictures from a single picture library. About the original project: The project itself is a simple event handler that synchronizes a picture library with user profiles pictures. When a picture is added to the library, it is automatically paired with the relevant user profile. Pairing is based on the file name of the picture, which has to match the user's login name in AD. More on the project here: So what do I have to do with this? This solution is a great idea...
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SharePoint Designer \ Data Form Web Part context menu bug

7 במאי 2008

Update: Read the follow up post for a permanent fix to this bug: SharePoint Designer \ Data Form Web Part context menu bug - Part 2 Update 2: There is a hotfix that automates this fix: This bug was confirmed by Microsoft after we opened a "Severity A" issue on it. The original response from the support guy was : "oh my god!" :) because this kind of bugs are really easy to track down in a superficial QA testing. Eventually the support guys couldn't help us and registered that as a SharePoint Designer bug. But worry not - Itaysk to the rescue.. Problem:You...
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