Am I the Last one to announce he is going to Tech Ed?

1 באפריל 2008

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WELL…. I was quite busy lately, and it shows by my lousy posts count.
Anyway, I too was fortunate enough to be invited by Microsoft to Tech Ed 2008 (Thanks guys!), And you to are invited to meet me at Eilat. 

So click here to schedule a meeting with me (איתי שקורי, Itay Shakury) if you are interested in:

  • SharePoint! (WSS, MOSS, Whatever..)
  • iPhone 🙂
  • me :-O
  • Segway ?? (keep reading)

Advantech, The company I work for, has rented some Segways for us to play with between lectures. So if you still can't find a good reason to meet me, just come and ask for a ride!

BTW, Posts from now till the end of next week will be all about Tech Ed, and probably in Hebrew.

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