Using external data in Excel Services

8 בנובמבר 2007

Update: I have added some links to tools that should help you overcome this limitation. We were told that Excel Services has support for displaying data from external locations, such as SQL server, and that's great! Until you try it out and fail..Try creating a simple excel document with a Table that displays data from a SQL server table . Now try to view it in Excel Web Access. You will fail with the following error: The thing is, Excel services supports displaying data from external data sources, but not in a table format, only in a pivot table! How lame is that...Now...
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Microsoft Search 2008

6 בנובמבר 2007

Today Microsoft has announced a new product called Microsoft Search 2008. As you can guess it is an enterprise search solution. Very much like Moss Search, and it's FREE! (the express edition). More info on this here: This is how Microsoft's Search products family looks today: Product Features click each to learn more Microsoft Search Server 2008 Express (FREE!) Microsoft Search Server 2008 Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007* Search Center X X X No Pre-Set Document Limits X X X Extensible Search Experience X X X Relevance Tuning X X X Continuous Propagation Indexing X X X Federated Search Connectors X X X Indexing Connectors X X X Security-Trimmed Results X X X Unified Administration Dashboard X X X Query and Results Reporting X X X Streamlined Installation X X   High Availability and Load Balancing...
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A new SharePoint targeted tech site –

3 בנובמבר 2007 was one of the good resources for technical articles out there. As of 2.11.07 it is being relaunched as tow separate communities, one of them targeted only at SharePoint stuff!The other community is about .net related content ( So, if you are into SharePoint check out the new . You can use your old UserName and Password from msd2d in the new communities.
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