SharePoint Products and Technologies Customization Policy

10 ביוני 2007

Although kind of late, but I have just finished reading this document and had to recommend it.Even if your are familiar with most of the customization options available in SharePoint (like myself), reading it in such an organized fashion really help sort things out in your head. get it here:
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r.a.d editor for MOSS v1.1 is out!

3 ביוני 2007

As stated in my previous post, the current version of this great add-on is not working on IE browsers, and that's by design (see my previous post for more details). Telerik has finally released the new version of r.a.d editor for MOSS that supports integration with IE, including overriding the default CEWP in list edit forms. r.a.d editor for MOSS can be downloaded for free from Telerik's website.
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