Filter a list by a range of values

13 במאי 2007

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This is a newbe question I get a lot. It's a really basic request but many people don't know about.. I even saw custom developments to overcome this when you already have this Out Of the Box!
The question is: 'Can we filter a list by a range of values?' 
Say you have a list of tasks. You know you can filter the list to show only tasks that are due to a certain date, but can you filter it to show all the tasks that are due to this week? Sure you can create a view and specify a complex filter but then the values are hard coded into the view, and we want to allow users to pick their own range values. Although it is quite hidden in the UI, and is pretty limited, it is possible Out Of the Box.
Here is how you do it:

With the list opened, go to datasheet view.
Then, click the column you want to filter by, and choose '(Custom Filter…)'


In the dialog box you can enter filter that are not necessarily of the 'equals' operator, like shown in the picture below.
So, If you want are range of values, just use the 'is greater than' and the 'is less than' operators somehow like this:

This results in a view the shows only tasks with due date between June 1st and 7th. (click to enlarge)

That's it, simple and usefull. If you want some more complex queries, and don't want to develop a custom solution, you can purchase the Bamboo solutions list search WP.

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