Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar – Installation note

18 באפריל 2007

The other day I was trying to install Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar for IE7 (beta3) on my laptop.Installation went well, but the tool just didn't work. So I tried searching the net.. maybe it is a known problem.. maybe it has problems with Vista.. maybe something else... but nothing.I almost gave up until just now when I tried the obvious - Restart!Setup doesn't prompt you for anything like that.. so I do :) Besides that it is a nice tool.. if you don't have it, get it here.
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InfoPath – Get the current user without writing code

5 באפריל 2007

I've just read IP team blog post about getting the current user's details using Web Services.Actually the exact same result can be achieved without writing any code. It's a very common thing to do and I couldn't find any guide for that, so here it is:* If you are already familiar with this, this post might still be useful. I have included the complete set of default properties get returned and their proper naming syntax at the bottom.* This works at InfoPath as well as InfoPath Forms Services.*Clayton Cobb has a great follow up post if you to take the...
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IIS vs SQL RAM consumption

4 באפריל 2007

Here is something I came across on the InfoPath Forms Services best practices documentation. "ASP.NET employs a strategy of targeting maximum Internet Information Services (IIS) memory use of the lesser of either 800 megabytes or 60% of available physical RAM. These settings are configurable in IIS manager. ASP.NET also monitors physical RAM use, not just for the w3wp.exe process, but for the entire system. When 80% of the physical memory on the server is committed, ASP.NET begins periodically dropping the oldest and lowest priority 5% of the cache. When 85% of physical memory is committed, ASP.NET drops 50% of...
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