MOSS search issues with SQL rebuild indexes

28 במרץ 2007

It's an often DBA task to rebuild indexes for a database as part of a maintenance plan, but watch out! MOSS search DB's don't like it! This post explains it all: And some official word from the Knowledge Base: I've read somewhere that SQL SP2 fix this (can't recall where), can someone confirm this? 
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SharePoint's permissions model

25 במרץ 2007

SharePoint's new fine grained permission model is really great, but I was a little disappointed to find out that you can't add permissions to an item without breaking its inheritance. In NTFS security it is possible to do exactly that, as long as the change doesn't interrupt the original permissions. For example you can change someone's permissions from 'Modify' to 'Full Control' or add new user to the ACL, without breaking inheritance. This is possible Because the change doesn’t conflict with the old ACL. Anyway it doesn’t work that way in SharePoint, so be aware of that.
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InfoPath Forms Services – What happens after a form is closed

8 במרץ 2007

Here is a little tip - How to redirect users to a certain page after they have filled out a browser enabled form with InfoPath Forms Services (IPFS):You should look for the "source" query string parameter in the form's URL, and change it to you certain page.That's it! every click on the "Close" button on IPFS toolbar, every rule you have insert that closes the form (i.e. in the submit button), or every other closing of the form will navigate the user to the URL in the "source" parameter. This way, you can hide the actual form library in MOSS, and give...
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r.a.d Editor for MOSS and IE

7 במרץ 2007

UPDATE: v1.1 is out and supports IE. More details If you havent heard of r.a.d editor for MOSS yet, you definitly sould. It's a free cross-browser alternative to the default content editor web part that add some really nice features.It also has the capability to override the defualt content editor in sharepoint's forms (such as lists editing forms) If you have heard of it, you'v probably tryed to install it, only to find out that it doesnt work! That is, it can be manually placed inside web part pages, but it doesn't automatically override the default editor in sharepoint forms. It appears that Telerik's...
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BDC metadata definition file for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0

4 במרץ 2007

  UPDATE: Its now official, "Microsoft Announces New Package to Extend Microsoft Dynamics ERP Solutions to Microsoft Office Users." Thanks to Tom Rizzo for the heads up. Integrating your CRM application into your portal can definitely add to productivity, efficiency, and it sure looks good.MOSS uses BDC (Business Data Catalog) to integrate line of business application (CRM in our case), making it available through its search and web parts. (more info on BDC here) The thing is, writing those long, complicated, exhausting and error-prone, XML definition files for BDC is not fun, to say the least. Especially when dealing with...
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