SSAS Tabular Mode – Installing the Sample Code

27 באוגוסט 2011

Download the sample file You can find the sample code here. Download the file and extract the folder AdventureWorks DW PowerPivot CTP3   Creating a Tabular Database from XSLX (PowerPivot) File SSAS "Denali" allows building BI solutions quickly with minimum coding. One of the ways to implement that is creating an Excel 2010 PowerPivot file and importing it to the SSAS (in Tabular Mode). The SSAS Server creates a database automatically. More information about PowerPivot, including demos can be found at This short video PowerPivot Retail Sales Analysis Example might be useful too. Let's see how it works.     Name the new Database   Right click on the new database (refresh the db list...
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Next BI User Group – October 26th

16 באוגוסט 2011

  שלום לכולם בחודש אוגוסט לא יתקיים מפגש של ה BI User Group  וזאת לבקשת רבים אשר בחופש. גם קבוצות משתתפים אחרות בטלו את המפגש באוגוסט. בחודש ספטמבר לצערנו גם לא יתקיים מפגש בגלל שיום רביעי האחרון בחודש (24.9) הוא למעשה ראש השנה. ולכן המפגש הבא יתקיים ביום רביעי 26.10. מה מתוכנן במפגש הבא: Itay Braun, CTO, Twingo: What's new in Analysis Services "Denali" - first look on the new tabular mode and when to use it. אם מישהו נוסף רוצה להרצות על נושא, קטן או גדול, בשמחה. נא לפנות בהקדם אל רונן או איתי.     בברכה, רונן חן ואיתי בראון.
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Microsoft® SQL Server® code name 'Denali', Community Technology Preview 3 (CTP 3) Product Guide

11 באוגוסט 2011

  The SQL Server code name 'Denali' Community Technical Preview 3 (CTP3) Product Guide download contains the latest datasheets, white papers, click-through and auto-running demonstrations, hands-on lab previews, technical presentations, and other useful links to help you evaluate the SQL Server code name 'Denali' CTP3 release. The Product Guide organizes the content for easier viewing. 14 Product Datasheets-          8 PowerPoint Presentations         5 Technical White Papers         13 Hands-On Lab Preview Documents-  I played with that today. No labs yet, much to wait for, though.         6 Click-Through Demonstrations-          13 Self-Running Demonstrations-          26 Links to On-Line References-          44 Links to On-Line Videos including 26...
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First Impression of Analysis Services "Denali"

9 באוגוסט 2011

Installation:The installation is very similar to the SQL Server 2008 R2. However, while installing SSAS you should choose either the good old SSAS or the new Tabular Mode. BTW, there is another new configuration window regarding Distributed Replay Clients. About this subject in another post.  Meanwhile you can read a little about it here:   Installing the sample dataYou can download sample Tabular database from codeplex.   The new db should look like this:     Installing PowerPivot for Denali CTP The PowerPivot is used to create the Tabular data which later be uploaded to the SSAS Server. There are other ways to...