About Itai Binyamin

I’m a Data Architect with experience as a Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional), Results oriented and Hands on Projects Manager with extensive experience with business development, sales strategies, partnership, product management and wide technology expertise in the DB & IT industry in various roles.

Proven track record in:

★ Leading DB’s Teams and IT Projects in various complex and diverse enterprise-level environments

★ Enterprise DB & BI Architecture and Design, Programming experience, including Network and Communication, enterprise and distributed applications

★ Vast experience in Architecture and Design for VLDB Systems with Security and Performance challenges.

★ Proven experience working with international customers, including defining customer needs and requirements.

★ Business development & Sales experience in the Israeli and international market with Good interpersonal relation skills and large experience & Knowledge with employee motivation.

★ Official trainer to Microsoft Technologies


Areas of expertise:

– Microsoft Technology

– Big Data and BI Solutions

– Database Administrator, Database Design, Architecture, DB monitoring, DB Security.

– Systems and Business Planning/Development & Analysis.

– Performance Diagnosis and Tuning for mass data production sites.

– Design and Implementation of disaster recovery / HA infrastructure – including clustering, mirroring, log-shipping and replication skills.

– Design and Implementation BI projects with Power BI, SSRS, SSAS, SSIS technologies.

– Training in Data Platform and Microsoft technologies

– Public Speaking, Writing, & Research


Mail: Itai_B3@Walla.com

Mob: +972.58.6900229

Tel: +972.09.7452235

FAX: +972.09.7422726



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