New SQL Server 2012 Keynote Quality Demo Available for Download

June 19, 2012

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A new keynote quality demo has
been published for the field and community in the
SQL Server 2012 Developer Training Kit.


You can download the demo source
using the Windows Azure based content installer using these links:


A First Look at SQL Server 2012

SQL Server 2012 is the latest release of Microsoft’s flagship data platform.
In this four part demo, we’ll take an initial look at some of the most
exciting new improvements in this important release, and demonstrate how SQL
Server 2012 can help cloud optimize organizations of all sizes. First, we’ll
show you how AlwaysOn support for readable secondary replicas improves
resource utilization. Next, we’ll show you how Data Quality Services and the
Windows Azure Marketplace can help ensure that all of your data is accurate
and compliant. Then, we’ll show you how SQL Server Data Tools delivers a rich
new modern developer experience for building database applications that
target your on-premise environment or the cloud. Finally, we’ll show you how
SQL Azure Data Sync can help ensure that key data sets are available where
you need them and when you need them.







Note there are four videos
associated with the demo posted on Channel9.




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