Migrating to Win Azure without the Migraines

6 במרץ 2011

We've spoken a lot about the advantages of being on the cloud, be it lower cost of ownership, light-weight, secured by design, etc. However estimates indicate that there are still some 15 billion lines of code in active VB6 systems today, with other .Net applications adding another 7.5 billion. This poses a technical challenge with major economic implications.
How can we encourage organizations to get legacy client/server software working on the cloud? One thing we can do is show them how simple it is. Allow me to demonstrate – literally – I’ll be leading a Microsoft Webcast called ‘Moving Client/Server and Windows Forms Applications to Windows Azure Cloud with Visual WebGui Instant CloudMove’ (https://www.eventbuilder.com/microsoft/event_desc.asp?p_event=1u19p08y). It’s on Tuesday 8 March at 8am (USA Pacific Time). It’s free, and you’re all invited to attend.
The Cloud and SaaS models are changing the face of enterprise IT in terms of economics, scalability and accessibility. Visual WebGui Instant CloudMove transforms your Client / Server application code to run natively as .NET on Windows Azure and enables your Azure Client / Server application to have a secured-by-design plain Web or Mobile browser based accessibility. Did you know that the creators of Visual WebGui are so confident in the security it provides that they offer a $10,000 prize to any hacker who succeeds in compromising a Visual WebGui application?
We’ll discuss all this and lots more on the Webcast.
Hope you can make it

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