MIX 2011-End of day 2

Thursday, April 14, 2011

At the end of the second day, I went to the Build Fast Web Applications with Windows Azure AppFabric Caching session. The presentation was the standard presentation of AppFabric cache, only from the Windows Azure perspective. I was glad to hear that the release will be by the end of April, because I was waiting for the release in order to test it in our HPC/Azure integration samples. Updates on the release (mainly more sizes for the cache, and ability to use datacenters outside of the US):     ...
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MIX 2011 – Day 2

As I suspected, the keynote of the second day was better and did include information about new releases of the Windows Phone 7 OS release, Silverlight 5 beta, and Kinect SDK for Windows. Since most of the new topics where covered in Gil Fink’s blog post, I’ll just add some photo’s to complete the picture: WP7 searchable jump list: Jaime Rodriguez enthusiastic with WP7: What’s new in Silverlight 5: ...
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MIX 2011 Day 1–Sessions

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

After the keynote, I went to the HTML 5 for Silverlight developers session. It was nice to see how you can use the svg HTML element to create vector graphics in a similar way to the way you create it in Silverlight. At the end of the presentation, he started talking about Silverlight and HTML 5 in the eyes of the decision makers, but he didn’t say anything other than “just choose one and create a good application”. I expected something more profound; I was a bit disappointed. On my way to lunch,...
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MIX 2011 Day 1–Keynote

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

First session of the day – the daily keynote. IE9 & IE10 An improved web browser with better HTML 5 support. It will probably be announcement around September this year ASP.NET MVC 3 Tools New edition of MVC 3 with better scaffolding support, modernizr support for rendering HTML 5 and CSS 3 compatible web pages for earlier browsers. MVC 3 tools also add supports for EF 4.1 support and newer version of jQuery. (The EF version is actually 4.1, it’s hidden by...
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MIX 2011–Day 0

So day zero began with me flying from Israel to Las Vegas through Newark, where I missed my flight due to all the security checks. Luckily there was a flight leaving two hours later, so I was able to get to Las Vegas in a decent hour. Tomorrow starts day 1 of MIX, so I have to get up early (this post was written in 2am) to register. I would probably go this time to the Azure sessions, since it correlates with my current work on Windows Azure and Windows HPC Server (I’ll post...
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To MIX or not to MIX (2011)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

This will be the first year I’m attending MIX in Las Vegas this coming April (12-14). Since most of my work is web-related, It’s only logical that eventually I would attend this conference to see what the future of the web will look like in the coming year. We’re going to have quite a large presence of Sela employees at the conference, very much like we had in the PDC conference in 2009. Since I tend to get bored when listening to lectures all day long, I would be happy to talk some of the day...
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