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September 3, 2014

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If you thought this post is about C# events, you got it wrong ๐Ÿ˜‰

Just wanted to share all the great conferences Iโ€™m going to be speaking in, in the next couple of months.

So hereโ€™s a quick list of events, links, and the list of my sessions and workshops.


IT/Dev Connections (September 15-19, Las Vegas, USA) #Devconnections

IT/Dev ConnectionsSeptember 15-19, 2014


Debugging the Web with Fiddler

Every web developer needs to see what goes on “in the wire,” whether it’s a jQuery call from JavaScript, a Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) service call from a client app, or a simple GET request for a web page. With Fiddler, the most famous HTTP sniffer, this is simple enough to do. Fiddler is more than just a sniffer. With Fiddler you can intercept, alter, and record messages, as well as write your own message visualizer. In this session we’ll learn how to use Fiddler from bottom to top to debug, test, and improve web applications.

Getting the Most Out of IIS

For years we’ve been using IIS to host our web applications, but many of us haven’t used more than its basic features and configuration. You know there’s a compression feature, but did you know you can change the compression ratio? Are you using the advanced logging module or the default simple logging? Have you ever wondered when to use the application pool’s process orphaning option? In this session, we’ll learn about new features in the latest versions of IIS (7.0 to 8.5), how to configure IIS for better performance, and how to use its logging and debugging features.


Software Architect (October 14-17, London, UK) #SA2014


Building scalable, durable and secured web applications with the Microsoft Azure platform

We always hear tips about the patterns and practices of building web applications with Microsoft Azure. Itโ€™s time we see how it is done! In this session, Ido will construct a secured, durable, scalable, low-latency web application with Microsoft Azure โ€“ including hosting, storage, database, cache and Active Directory.

Workshop – Securing ASP.NET applications and services: from A-Z

When you think of ASP.NET security, the first thing that comes to mind are Windows authentication and Forms authentication using ASP.NET Membership. For years, those were the common authentication techniques for ASP.NET applications and services. But with the new releases to the ASP.NET Identity system, those days are long gone. For the enterprise, ASP.NET broadened its support from the on-premises Active Directory to include Microsoft Azure Active Directory. By supporting external identity providers, such as Facebook, Microsoft Account and Twitter, the new ASP.NET Identity system makes the process of securing an application less scary than ever.
In this workshop, Ido will start from the basics: getting to know concepts such as SSL, OAuth, OpenID and claim-based authorisation. From there we will continue to explore the various scenarios of using self-managed identities, Active Directory and ADFS, external identity providers (Facebook, Google, Microsoft), and Microsoft Azure Active Directory.

Workshop – End-to-end SPA development

Single Page Applications (SPAs) are web applications that are built using a single page, which acts as a shell to all the other web pages, with a rich JavaScript front-end. As opposed to traditional web applications, most of the SPA development is done on the front-end. The server, which once acted as a rendering engine, provides only a service layer to the SPA. This transition helps to create a more fluid user experience (UX), and turns out web applications to desktop-like smart clients.
Known web applications, such as Gmail and Google Docs, are implemented as SPAs, demonstrating that SPAs are the way to write your future web applications and not just a transient trend.
In this workshop, Gil and Ido will demonstrate the concepts of building an end-to-end SPA using an ASP.NET Web API back-end and Backbone.js in the front-end. We will start by learning crucial concepts, such as object-oriented JavaScript and modular JavaScript (patterns and Require.js), that are relevant to SPA development understanding. After setting the background needed for SPA, we will drill down into Backbone.js and Underscore.js which are the libraries we will use in the workshop for MVW and template engine. Later on, you will learn how to create back ends using ASP.NET Web API. And, at the end of the day, you will


Azure Conf 2014 (October 21, Online) #AzureConf

AzureConf Logo

Caching in Azure, thereโ€™s more to that than Azure Caching Services

When you scale your applications, distributed cache is a must-have tool. Microsoft Azure Managed Caching and Redis Cache are the newest dedicated distributed cache solutions for Azure, but they are not the only option.

In this session we will explore the caching options available to us in Microsoft Azure, including some non-MS solutions, such as Memcached and Couchbase. We will compare features, availability, deployment strategies, and of course, performance.


TechEd Europe 2014 (October 27-31, Barcelona, Spain) #TEE14

ASP.NET Web API: Beyond the Basics (DEV-B410)

Like with any framework, there are those who know how to use ASP.NET Web API, and there are those who KNOW how to use ASP.NET Web API. Want to be the second type of person? In this session we skip the basic introduction to ASP.NET Web API and move on to the stuff you should know about ASP.NET Web API: pipeline architecture, extensibility, asynchronous actions, security, and implementing HTTP concepts such as streaming and caching.


AppDev Trends (December 8-11, Las-Vegas, USA) #AppDevTrends

(Get a $300 discount when registering:

AppDev Trends

Workshop: The Essentials of Building Cloud-Based Web Apps with Azure

Learn the essentials of Windows Azure for creating scalable, durable, and secured Web applications.

Can you learn all there is to know about Windows Azure in one day? Not a chance. What about taking an entire day to do a deep-dive into a specific Azure topic? Great if you know the restโ€“not so great if you’re new to Azure. So how about a session in which you learn the essentials? Or even better, a daylong session, hands-on and instructor guided? In this one-day workshop, senior architect, trainer, and Azure expert Ido Flatow shows you the essentials of Windows Azure for creating scalable, durable, and secured Web applications. You will build a Web application using a Web site and a backing Cloud Service. You will consume content in your application from storage and an SQL Server Virtual Machine (using a Virtual Network). And you will add caching support and secure your Web application with Active Directory.

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