Highlights from TechEd 2014 (Days 2-4)

May 16, 2014

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So I’ve been quite busy during this TechEd, both preparing for my session, and attending the Developer Tools booth answering questions about .NET development. But I was able to attend a couple of nice sessions here and there.

INTRODUCING: The Future of .NET on the Server


The two Scotts showed the new ASP.NET vNext, it’s low memory footprint, CLR as a NuGet package, the modular pipeline and self-hosting, the new dependency model, and of course the ability to run ASP.NET on Linux and Mac with MONO. If you’ve ever developed Node.js applications, you will find the new model very similar to that of Node (except for the C# instead of JavaScript).

DEEP DIVE: The Future of .NET on the Server

I also sat down for the first 30 minutes of the Deep-Dive session Scott H. had with David Fowler (http://channel9.msdn.com/Events/TechEd/NorthAmerica/2014/DEV-B411) but I had to leave early for my booth duty. I suggest watching this session in high-speed (you’ll understand…)

Building Web Apps and Mobile Apps Using Microsoft Azure Active Directory for Identity Management


I also sat down for the first 30 minutes of this session (again, staff duty). I really enjoy hearing Vittorio talk about identity management, explaining all the differences between OAuth and OpenID Connect. It was a great session, and I wish I could have stayed for the whole duration of it, but that’s what Channel9 is for. At least I managed to catch him in the Azure booth later to question him about some problems (bugs?) in the AAD Graph API (“it’s a known issue – probably fixed in the next couple of months”).


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My staff duty was great. I had 2-hour shifts, four times during the conference (originally had 3 but volunteered to replace one of the other speakers).

Lots of people came to ask questions about .NET development. I helped a bunch of people with questions about Entity Framework, IIS, ASP.NET, WCF, and of course the perpetual question – “Should I use WCF or Web API?”.


My session – Securing ASP.NET Applications and Services

(Not on Channel9 yet, will publish a link once it’s there)

2014-05-12 07.51.05

So my session was about all the things you need to know about securing ASP.NET web apps:

  • The new ASP.NET Identity system (active/passive protocols with OWIN middleware, customized persistency layer, support for social logins)
  • The new features of ASP.NET Identity 2.0 (2 factor authentication, email confirmation, password reset, account lockout, custom password hasher, etc.)
  • The new WS-Fed OWIN middleware for ADFS and Azure AD
  • Authentication and authorization in MVC, Web API, and SignalR (no Web Forms demo, but it works all the same)
  • Role and claim-based authorizations, and claims handling with ASP.NET Identity, external providers, and AAD

The session went well, had about 240 people in the crowd, and I spent an additional 30 minutes afterwards answering questions. I only wish I had more time to show all the different code parts and the generated database. However, I did upload all the code and added “TODO” comments (with implementation) of all the custom code I wrote. Just go to http://1drv.ms/1kDVjEt and download the presentation and code samples. To see the custom code, open the solution, and look at the TODO comments in the Tasks window.

Book Signing

As I mentioned in my previous blog post, Gil and myself just finished a book about SPA development where I wrote the chapters about Web API backend development and performance of web apps. So the book got published last week, and Apress (the publishers) brought a few books for me to sign and give away.

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That’s it for TechEd North America 2014. It was lots of fun, great talks by great speakers, and a really great audience. Hope to get there again for TechEd NA 2015.

2014-05-12 07.41.592014-05-13 17.40.48

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