Highlights from TechEd 2014 (Day 1)

May 13, 2014

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I’ve been quite busy in the past couple of months, so I totally forgot to blog about the fact I’m speaking at TechEd NA 2014 (yey!!).

So I’m here at Houston, where it’s the same weather as in Israel (~30 Celsius), only more humid.

I didn’t had too much time for sessions today, as I’ve also been doing staff duty in the Developer Tools booth, answering attendees’ questions about Web API, WCF, IIS, and other developer technologies.

I did go to the “What’s new in IaaS” session, where they announced some cool stuff that are coming out.

So aside from the new stuff which were announced during BUILD (such as automation with Chef), here are the highlights of IaaS from TechEd:

* New Windows (not server) VMs – you can now create Windows 7 and Windows 8 VMs in Azure.

* VM initialization with PowerShell – you can add PowerShell script that is executed when the machine is created. You could do that before, but it required WinRM and a bunch of certificate scripting.

* VM capture – you can now capture running VMs and non-Syspreped VMs. Capturing also captures attached disks, so you can duplicate existing VMs in a mouse click.

* New SUSE Enterprise server VM image.

* New A8/A9 instances (we had before for CS) – this also changes how VMs are allocated to region-wide, which will eventually make affinity group deprecated.

* VNet-to-VNet connectivity – instead of going through the on-premises network.

* Internal IP for the load balancer – no need to use the VIP to access the load balancer when you are inside the VNet (VM/CS) or using site-to-site / point-to-site VPN.


If you are in TechEd and want to meet and discuss, ping me on Twitter (@idoflatow) or send me an email.

Oh, and my session is on Thursday, 10:15 – Securing ASP.NET applications and services.

After my session I will be signing my new book, “Pro Single Page Applications Development: Using Backbone.js and ASP.NET”, which I authored together with Gil Fink. Look me up at the Apress both at 12:30. (I think I forgot to blog about that too, silly me).



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