Wrapping up October’s conferences

October 14, 2013

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It’s mid-October and I’m already warn down after two weeks of conferences. My October began in Las Vegas with DevConnections where I had a workshop and four sessions, continued with a 72-hour stop back home in Israel for some father-son time (with my son of course, not with my father), and then another week in London with Software Architect where I had a workshop and a session. Now I’m back home, relaxing, working, and preparing for my next conference in December, this time in Israel at the SDP (Sela Developer Practice) conference.

In case you didn’t attend my sessions, no worries, I have links to both the slides and the code samples right here:

ASP.NET Web API and HTTP Fundamentals workshop (code is available here)

Automating Windows Azure (code is available here)

Caching in Windows Azure (code is available here)

Debugging with Fiddler (code is available here)

If you’ve been to my session, enjoy your new Fiddler T-shirts.

2013-09-29 13.07.09

IIS for Developers (code is available here)

Advanced WCF Workshop (code is available here)

What’s New in WCF 4.5 (code is available here)


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