Wrapping up SDP Nov. 2012

November 29, 2012


Wow, a conference that lasts 8 days, that a first. So here’s the gist of what I taught in 5 of these days:

  • What’s new in WCF 4.5
    In this 1-hour session I covered some of the important new features of WCF 4.5, such as Intellisense for configuration, UDP and WebSockets bindings, and improved support for streaming and compression.
  • Debugging the Web with Fiddler
    In this 1-day tutorial we saw how to use Fiddler to debug, test, and improve Web application. We saw how to work with the session list, use various inspectors, understand the meaning of statistics and timeline, manipulate messages with replays, breakpoints, and auto responder. We also saw how to create traffic with composer and how to create custom inspectors.
  • Building an App with Windows 8, Windows Azure and Visual Studio 2012 (with Michael Haberman)
    The purpose of this 1-day tutorial was to show an end-to-end development of a distributed application that has a Windows 8 client-side, Entity Framework for database access, ASP.NET Wep API for server-side services, and hosting the entire server-side in Windows Azure (including SQL Database).
    This tutorial day was not intended to be a deep dive into each technology, but rather show how the technologies work and fit together, and to discuss some best practices.
  • HTTP Fundamentals and ASP.NET Web API (with Yaniv Rodenski)
    You wanted a deep-dive? you got it. This 1-day tutorial, which we taught twice during the conference, covers a whole lot of HTTP and its implementation with ASP.NET Web API. We talked about the HTTP requests and responses, verbs, URIs, and mapping it to Web API routing, controllers, and actions. We talked about Web API binders, action filters, and message handlers. We talked about HTTP concepts, such as caching, streaming, compression, and persistent connections. We talked about security, IIS hosting, the HTTP.SYS listener, WebSockets, and about so much more.

All the slide decks and demo code from these days is available online at http://sdrv.ms/WhqCfT

See you in the next SDP.

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