BUILD 2012 – Day 4 Overview

November 3, 2012


First session of Day 4 was about advanced cloud service development. I came in a bit late so I missed the introduction, but the part about diagnostics and IIS 8 was nice – IIS 8 and Windows Server 2012 offer new stuff such as .NET 4.5 on web/worker roles, SignalR, and Websocket support. CDN and traffic manager cover was shallow, but the Service Bus part was nice where he showed service bus topics.

2012-11-02 08.52.27

Session number 2 was about Windows Azure Storage. There are a couple of new things coming to Azure Storage, and new stuff that will be available in a couple of weeks/months (see images).

2012-11-02 10.04.37

2012-11-02 10.31.33

2012-11-02 11.15.26-1

Session number 3 was about Windows Azure Service Bus. When the session began it seemed like an introduction session so I bailed. I understand that at the end of the session he mentioned that Service Bus now supports AMQP (advanced message queue protocol).

2012-11-02 12.44.45

Last session of the day/conference was about ASP.NET and VS 2012 by Scott Hanselman and John Galloway. Great session with great interaction between Scott and John, really worth watching. The new stuff which were introduced were the new features of ASP.NET which is going to be released soon – new Web API features, new templates for single-page web apps, SignalR as part of the Microsoft stack for ASP.NET, VS 2012 improvements, and on.

2012-11-02 14.30.17

So that’s it for Build. Continuing to the Windows Azure Insiders post-con where I learning new stuff that I can’t talk about Smile. You’ll find out about it soon…

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